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Sage 100 (US)

Getting Started

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Before you get started, make sure you’re a member of the ‘Sage 100 developer program’. If you’re not already a part of the program, reach out to the Sage Developer Program.

Once you’re a member, there are a few steps you need to take to grant you access to the Sage Provisioning Portal for testing your product as a part of the Sage Partner Cloud Program:

Step 1

  • Send email address of the contact at your firm who will serve as the administrator for your sandbox test site during this process to Linda Cade.
    Note: This email address can’t exist today as a Sage ID (must be unique, fine to be an alias like [email protected]/

  • This will be the email address that will be used to create the unique ID for the sandbox test site.

Step 2

Once this happens, the provisioning starts which is an automated workflow, meaning you’ll receive an automated link from the system which will require you to authenticate.

Step 3

Once authenticated, Sage will add either Sage 100 or Sage 300 or both to your test site, as requested.

Step 4

From this point, you will have the ability to add fellow testers, if needed, and install what is needed to begin testing your integration with the product.

Step 5

Once integration testing is complete, report back to Linda Cade to let them know and your ISV will be added to our list of verified ISVs for the Sage Partner Cloud Program.

Helpful Resources