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Developer keys

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Once you have successfully completed the ‘API 200 Developer Program’, as a certified API developer, you will need to follow some easy steps before you can get access to your developer subscription and authorization keys. Requests by non-certified developers will not be handled.

Sign up as a developer in our private area

  1. Sign-up and create an account, providing your email address.
  2. Once you receive our email, provide the verification code you’ll find on it in the Sage Id window and press Continue.
  3. Authorize the developer portal to access your profile and email information on the Authorize application screen.
  4. Click Save to finally create your profile.

Create a developer

Once created your profile on the Developer Portal:

  1. Add a developer to your profile pressing the Create developer button on the top right hand-side, and provide some basic information (developer name, email and address).
  2. Click Save and have your new developer ready.

Add your application

Now is the time to define your new application details and link it with the developer you want:

  1. Choose the desired developer from the list and click on it. You’ll be presented with the developer screen.
  2. Add an app to this developer profile by clicking on Create app link or button.
  3. Fill in the form with your basic app details (name, homepage and contact email address) and press Create.
  4. Your new app has been set up and now it’s available on the developer apps list.

Get your Sage 200 API credentials

Finally, you have to provide some extra technical data around your new app to get your API credentials. To do it, please:

  1. Select your app from the list by clicking on it.
  2. Select the required API from the drop down list on the Add API button to generate the credentials for the app.
  3. Click Select, and then provide the type of application you’ve planned to create on client type as well as callback and logout URLs from your app (please, NOTE that MUST be HTTPS based).
  4. Once you press the Save button, you’ll get primary and secondary subscription keys, each of those could be used indistinctly (just click on each of the textboxes to reveal hidden values).
  5. You’ll receive also on the developer email address provided the rest of the credentials required (Client ID and Client Secret or just the Client ID depends on the integration type). Please, keep those other values safely stored since they’re also part of your essential API credentials.