After an extensive and successful beta phase the new trial balance API endpoint is at your service.

It’s easy to use with a call like the following:

GET /trial_balance?from_date=2020-05-01&to_date=2020-05-31

This will return the trial balance of the authorized business:

  "from_date": "2020-05-01",
  "to_date": "2020-05-31",
  "ledger_accounts": [
      "id": "8912b74ef19c11e9a10a0242ac160007",
      "displayed_as": "Trade Debtors (1100)",
      "$path": "/ledger_accounts/8912b74ef19c11e9a10a0242ac160007",
      "opening_balance": {
        "debit": "444.00",
        "credit": "0"
      "closing_balance": {
        "debit": "777.00",
        "credit": "0"
      "debit": "333.00",
      "credit": "0"
    # ...

This endpoint is a read-only resource. It became available for all supported countries of this API and in all subscribed product flavors of the end user: Accounting Start, Accounting Standard and Accounting Plus.

Even though the trial balance is aggregated asynchronously in a separate, highly optimized database, actions which have an effect on the reporting data should be reflected there within very few seconds.

Check out the new Reporting API Documentation.