Overview of Support

The Developer Services team provides support for developing professionals who are working with the APIs.

As part of our support offering, we do encourage as much self-service as possible and expect developers to remain up to date with all documentation we provide.

The Developer Services team reserves the right to decline support to anyone who does not have the required development experience or who conducts themselves in an unprofessional manner towards members of the Developer Services Team.

Sage is committed to providing world class service in line with our values and corporate vision and we appreciate any feedback you can provide. Should you encounter a problem with the software, we would expect detailed replication steps to be submitted in order for us to formally report the issue as a defect. It is important to note that if an issue can only be reproduced on a certain set of data it could be a problem with that data and not a defect in the software.

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Contact Information & Checklist

How to get in touch, and what you need to provide when you do.

Our Expectations

What we expect from the developers who get in touch with us for support.

Case Lifecycle

What happens when you log a case with the team.