Initial contact

Once a developer makes contact with Developer Services the detail of their email will be reviewed. If possible the case will then be logged on our internal CRM system and entered into our work queue.

If a member of the team is unable to find your company on our internal CRM system they will get back in contact to request further details in order to:

Please familiarise yourself with the content in our checklist to ensure you provide the required information and minimise any delays.

Case references

All new cases reported to Developer Services are logged and given a case reference number. Please use this unique case reference on all correspondence with us. You will be provided with the case reference if your case is not closed first time, however all cases are assigned a unique reference number and can be provided on request.

Your case is assigned

Your case will be picked up by one of the team in the order they were received unless you specify a requirement for your case to be escalated.

Once the content of your query has been reviewed the technician may decide that more information is required in order for them to proceed. They will contact you and ask for specific information.

Once the cause of your case has been determined, the technician will identify an existing solution or continue to investigate the case until a solution is found. This may involve gathering additional information, recreating the case or liaising, if necessary, with other departments to make further progress with the case. If you need assistance at any time during the life of the case, please contact the developer services team.

Solution provided

Once a solution has been found, or code written to resolve your query the technician who owns the case will contact you via email. It is expected that you will let the team know if the provided answer solves the issue or not. This will help both the team and the wider developer community in the future.

Case closure

A case will be closed in the following circumstances: