We understand that you may require more than just payments, so we have created guides that will allow you to get the most out of your Sage Pay PI integration.

Using 3-D Secure

3-D Secure authentication is an additional fraud prevention scheme that is available to all Sage Pay merchants.

Using SCA Exemptions

You can bypass 3-D Secure authentication for eCommerce transactions only if your acquirer advises you are eligible to do this. You will loose any fraud liability protection if you use an SCA Exemption.


The Sage Pay Token functionality allows you to save the card details of your customer in the form of a token (a reusable card identifier ) and use it for future purchases.

Using Credential on File

When saving card details you are storing, what is commonly known as, a Credential to File. You now need to advise the card issuer the reason for storing and using the credential on file. You can make use of Sage Pay’s credential on file functionality to do this.

Repeat payments

A repeat payment allows you to process another transaction by using the details of a customer that were captured for the original payment and process them again.

Deferred payments

A deferred payment allows you to request authorisation for a specified amount, prior to requesting settlement of these funds at a later date.

Refund transactions

A refund transaction allows you to credit the funds that have already been taken by a payment, back to your customer.

Void transactions

If you wish to cancel a payment or refund before it is settled with the bank the following day, you can void a transaction to prevent it from ever being settled, thus saving you your transaction charges and the customer from ever being charged.