Integrate in 3 easy steps

There are currently two ways you can integrate with Sage Pay and collect card details from your customer:

In all integrations you will have to create a session key to authenticate your calls from the browser, use the Sage Pay JavaScript library to tokenise the card details and receive a unique Card Identifier that you can then use to submit a payment from your server.

Here is an overview of the process:

Overview Integrations

Step 1: Shopper checkout

When you receive the checkout request from the shoppers browser, you will need to render the page with the SagePay.js and a your Sage Pay key, called Merchant Session Key.

Step 2: Payment information

The shopper will submit their card details directly to Sage Pay using the SagePay.js JavaScript library and we will generate a single use token called Card Identifier. With our drop-in checkout integration, the shopper card details will be entered in our drop-in UI. If you wish to have full control of the checkout experience and design, you can integrate via the ‘own form’ implementation and the shopper will enter their card details in your form instead.

Step 3: Submit a payment

Now you have a unique Card Identifier you just have to submit a payment request from your server and handle the transaction response.

That’s it. You are now integrated with Sage Pay! To get started just follow one of our integration guides or just use our Sandbox to test our API.

NOTE: Limits are subject to change without notice in order to maintain optimal performance.

Product overview video

Watch our video to find out how Sage Pay PI can simplify your online payments process and have you accepting payments online in minutes.