The Banking Service Provider API, app registry and key provisioning is handled internally by Sage on request.

Service providers

If you are a banking or financial service provider and wish to connect your service to the Sage Banking Service, please register your interest by emailing us here.

Step 1: Register your payment service with Sage

Email Sage to register your Banking Service and start using the Provider API.

Once your banking service has been registered, Sage will send you instructions on how to start using the Provider API together with access credentials. You will also receive a preconfigured Postman environment for the Provider API Postman Collection guide.

Step 2: Implement a Connector API

To process webhooks sent by the banking service, you will need to implement a Connector API. The Connector API is required to handle the requests sent to the registered URl of the banking service when an end user attempts the following:

Provider API requirements

Setting up and making requests

Sage has assembled a Postman Collection to illustrate the Sage Banking Service Provider API methods and workflow.

Read the Provider API Postman Collection guide.

Supported Encryption Protocols

The Payments Acceptance Service supports the Transfer Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 encryption protocol only.