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Flip transactions

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Before confirming transactions, there is the option to review the transactions that are being imported and to request that the sign of all transactions be reversed (“flipped”) for a bank account. Transactions that were marked as credits will become debits and vice versa.

** If a client knows in advance that they need to flip the transaction sign for a bank account. They can add the ‘transactionSign’ property to the Bank Account within the initial Transaction Import Request, and the transactions will be flipped. **

Review transactions

GET organisations/{organisationId}/companies/{companyId}/imports/{importId}/reviewtransactions

Once the state has reached awaitingConfirmation, you’re able to use the review transactions endpoint to view the transactions which are about to be imported into Banking Service.

Update transactions

POST organisations/{organisationId}/companies/{companyId}/imports/{importId}/updatetransactions

The option to flip transactions applies at the bank account level. So, if a Transaction Import file includes multiple bank accounts, then the update transactions endpoint allows some accounts to be reversed, and some to retain the original sign.

Calling the update transactions endpoint will go through the same flow of importing the transactions again. However, the credit/debit transactionType will be flipped.

note: you can flip transactions and go through the above process a maximum of 10 times.