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Use cases and diagrams

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Creating a placeholder bank account and posting transaction using the Common UI

The following diagram shows the flow (sequence diagram) for creating a placeholder bank account, then importing transactions from the Transaction Import Connector, with the use of the Common UI.

If a user doesn’t have a bank account already on Banking Service, a placeholder bank account is created in the region the user has specified based on the country code provided by the Product. A bankAccountId is then returned to the Common UI which is used when calling the POST /imports endpoint to generate an Upload URL.

After a file has been uploaded to the generated Upload URL after the POST /imports request, the Transactions Import Connector will perform a continuous polling until the status of the Transaction Import is either ‘awaitingConfirmation’ or ‘error’. Readead more about state machine statuses.

After the POST /confirm endpoint is called, the Transaction Import Connector will perform another continuous poll until the Transaction Import status is either ‘complete’ or ‘error’.

Happy Path Flow