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Using Postman

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To see the Sage Banking Service Consumer API in action you can use Postman, a multi-platform REST client with intuitive GUI for configuring HTTP requests, designing JSON payloads, and viewing HTTP responses.

A Postman Collection is available to illustrate the Sage Banking Service Consumer API methods and workflow.

Step 1: Get Postman

Visit the Postman website to get setup.

Download and install Postman

Step 2: Get the Postman Collection

Postman supports Collections which are a pre-packaged bundle of API requests. To assist in the development and testing of your integration, we have provided three separate Postman collections. Further explanation of the collections including use cases and flows is available from Use Cases

Download Postman collection (.zip)

Step 3: Import the Postman Collection

  1. Unzip the JSON format files from the downloaded ZIP archive
  2. Open Postman
  3. From the main menu, select File > Import
  4. Drag and drop the JSON files into Postman

Step 4: Import the environment JSON

The environment JSON, provided by the Banking Service team, contains the details of the sandbox test environment. The environment JSON must also be imported into Postman to enable the collection to function.

  1. Unzip the JSON format file from the downloaded ZIP archive.
  2. Open Postman
  3. Select the manage environments option at the top right of the Postman UI
  4. From the manage environments view, select Import
  5. Select the choose files option and locate the environment JSON file
  6. Ensure the new environment is selected once imported

To help visualise the Postman collection and aid the testing of your integration, we have created supporting documentation containing Use Cases.