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Banking Service Provider API

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What is Sage Banking Service

Sage Banking Service is a service to obtain and manage the bank transaction feeds and rules requested by users relying on Sage to power their business. The service is consumed by Sage’s own internal products including Sage Business Cloud Accounting and Sage 50c.

The Provider API

The changeable nature of the banking sector and its governance often brings about change with which we must keep up. Because providing highly secure and reliable solutions is extremely important, Sage has implemented a new connection method that delivers a quality service and consistent API experience to any developer.

Recognising the growing number of neo banking services and their popularity, Sage have worked hand in hand with industry leaders to create an API which allows banks and financial institutions to push their customer transactions to Sage Banking Service.

The Sage Banking Service Provider API equips banking and financial institutions with the tools they need to create their own Sage Banking Service connectors with the following benefits:

  • Direct integration with Sage Banking Service.
  • Independence of 3rd party aggregators and software solutions.
  • Banks and financial institutions can develop and test their own connectors at a pace that is comfortable to them.

Banking Service