Build Integration

Learning and building integrations may go hand in hand! However, to be able to build an integration and test it you would require access to a Sandbox environment.

  • API access keys and Sandbox - Please refer to the “Get Started” section of each product, where we have clear guidance on how to get access to API keys and request sandbox access for respective products. For certain native cloud products like Accounting you should be able to sign-up for a Sandbox trial account on your own. For certain others, mainly our Connected Cloud products, you may need to request access explicitly. In certain cases, it may need you to sign-up to a Developer Support pack or get into an early engagement to get onto Sage ISV Partner Program.
  • Integration help – Feel free to engage with peers and Sage experts in the Sage Developer Community, or look into Q&As already captured historically. You can also explore Stackoverflow where open queries have been discussed historically on integrating with Sage.

If you are already signed up to a relevant tier in Sage ISV Partner Program, or signed up to a relevant Developer Support pack, you may enjoy direct support in validating your integration spec as well as guidance from Sage while you build the integration

Now that you are into the thick of things and comfortable with building integrations to Sage, let’s explore how you can Submit it for Review and certification, before promoting your app in our Marketplace