Learn About Our APIs

Sage offers Products catering to all segments of the market - Small, Medium and Enterprise. And we offer both native cloud or hybrid cloud solutions, catering to customer needs for both globally. So, pick the right set of products for you to integrate with and promote in our Sage Marketplace.

We offer a host of resources where you can learn about our Products and their API integration capabilities.

Sage Developer Portal – Our Developer Portal is a one-stop shop where you can get access to API documentation of all our products. It will guide you through the process of “Getting started” to integrate with your target product and get access to API keys. It also has a rich repository of our API documentation, SDKs, sample codes and easy to consume tutorials/guides.

Sage Developer Community – Any query you have regarding our APIs or Integration use cases, you can post in our global Sage Developer Community, and expect a quick answer from our in-house experts or other developers like you! You shall also find useful blog posts that shall help you hit the ground running.

Sage University – For certain Products, sign-up to courses in Sage University, to build a thorough understanding. For certain Sage products it may be necessary for a Developer to be certified before you can progress. Please explore respective Product sections on more details on how to access them.

Whether you want to use best-of-breed real-time Webservices technologies like REST or GraphQL, or File-exchange-based Integration mechanisms – we have a solution to all. You can find guidance on how to try out our APIs using standard tools like Postman, and plenty of Starter kits to minimise the cost of integrations.