One API connecting the world’s accounting systems

The Sage Network API enables developers to create powerful financial and accounting applications connected to any accounting system, and transform how business is done

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Financial integrations are complicated, but they don’t have to be. By leveraging the power of the Sage Network API, developers can build once and integrate into many financial systems, globally.

The Sage Network API offers a unified API with a common data model that integrates into desktop and cloud-based financial solutions.

Build connected accounting apps, accelerate development and drive revenue​

Unlock the future of API integration and accelerate your time to market with Sage Network API.

Unlock new revenue streams

Reduce manual workload and improve data accuracy by integrating real-time financial data.​

Effortless integration

Reduce integration costs by accessing multiple accounting systems through a single API.

Drive innovation

Streamline and automate finance workflows across companies.

Streamline maintenance

Ensure smooth data exchange between accounting systems and streamline updates and maintenance across integrations.

Use cases

There are hundreds of applications that you can create with the Sage Network API, here are some common use cases.

Digital identity verification

Pull customer and user data to ensure compliance protocols.


Reconciliation applications that automatically reconcile customers’ transactions. 

Trade finance applications

Trade finance applications that streamline factoring, asset-based lending, and reverse factoring. 

Lending applications

Lending applications that automate manual steps in credit decisioning and covenant monitoring. 

General ledger

Maximise productivity with seamless financial reporting through our General Ledger API. 

AR and AP automation 

AR and AP automation applications that help your customers manage cash flow and payment more efficiently.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

When is Sage Network API launching?

Very soon. Register your interest to stay updated with the launch date and further releases.

If I join the waiting list, when will I get access to the Sage Network API?

The Sage Network team will be in contact in March. In the meantime, check out our API reference and roadmap.

I have a great idea for the Sage Network API, how do I let you know about this?

You can submit new ideas on our portal. You can also check out ideas submitted by other developers, and vote on your favorites, too.

What’s the cost to use Sage Network?

Sandbox will always be free, but the API will be charged based on your usage. Pricing will be available when the API is launched.

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