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Check batch status

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After you have submitted a batch of payments, check its status to see when the bank payment file is ready to download.

When your bank payment file is ready, the status element in the JSON response you receive reads PaymentFileAvailable. The paymentFile element provides a download URL for the bank payment file.

Payments Out Service retains a submitted batch of payments for 35 days. After that period, the batch is automatically deleted.

To check the status of your batch of payments, use the URL provided in the self element of the response you received after submitting your batch of payments.

Or, send a GET request with these headers.


GET /v3/batchpayments/{batchId} HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer {access token}
x-fapi-interaction-id: {UUID}


  • {batchId} is the unique batch ID you received after submitting the batch of payments.

  • Bearer {access token} is the authorisation string for your request, where {access token} is a valid token created using the companyId of the company for which you want to check the batch status.

  • {UUID} is a Universally Unique Identifier to write into logs. This value is used to debug your app’s integration with Payments Out Service. Use a new UUID with each request. UUIDs must conform to RFC 4122.

For more information about this REST resource and its parameters, go to the Consumer API reference.

Example response

This example response indicates the bank payment file is ready to download. The paymentFile element contains a URL to download your bank payment file.

The download URL remains valid for 5 minutes only.