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_access : [_OutputAccessBinding]

_id : Id

id: unique number

ledgerTypeNumber : Int

ledgerTypeNumber: ledger type number

company : String

company: company code

site : String

site: site code

fiscalYear : FiscalYear

fiscalYear: fiscal year code

account : String

account: account code

businessPartner : String

businessPartner: business partner code

currency : String

currency: currency code

periodIndex : Int


debitAmountInCurrency : Decimal

debitAmountInCurrency:ledger debit amount in currency

creditAmountInCurrency : Decimal

creditAmountInCurrency: ledger credit amount in currency

debitAmountInLedgerCurrency : Decimal

debitAmountInLedgerCurrency: ledger debit amount in ledger currency

creditAmountInLedgerCurrency : Decimal

creditAmountInLedgerCurrency: ledger credit amount in ledger currency

_createStamp : Datetime

_updateStamp : Datetime

Custom Types


name : String

status : String