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_access : [_OutputAccessBinding]

_sortValue : Int

_id : Id

journalEntryType : EntryType

journalEntryType: journal entry type

journalEntry : JournalEntry


journalEntryNumber : String

journalEntryNumber: journal entry number

lineNumber : Int

lineNumber: journal entry line number

ledgerTypeNumber : Int

ledgerTypeNumber: ledger type number

site : Site

site: site code

legislation : String

legislation: legislation

accountingDate : Date

accoutingDate: posting date

chartOfAccounts : ChartOfAccounts

chartOfAccounts: chart of accounts code

account : Account

account: account code

controlAccount : String


businessPartner : BusinessPartner

businessPartner: business partner code

lineDescription : String

lineDescription: journal entry line description

tax : Tax


sign : Int

sign: field not displayed, only to indicate if the amount is a debit or a credit amount

ledgerCurrency : Currency

ledgerCurrency: ledger currency code

debitAmountInLedgerCurrency : Decimal

debitAmountInLedgerCurrency: debit amount in ledger currency

creditAmountInLedgerCurrency : Decimal

creditAmountInLedgerCurrency: credit amount in ledger currency

transactionCurrency : Currency

transactionCurrency: transaction currency

transactionAmount : Decimal

transactionAmount: amount in transaction currency

debitAmountInTransactionCurrency : Decimal

debitAmountInTransactionCurrency: debit amount in transaction currency

creditAmountInTransactionCurrency : Decimal

creditAmountInTransactionCurrency: credit amount in transaction currency

quantity : Decimal

quantity: quantity

analyticalLines : JournalEntryAnalyticalLine_Collection


_createStamp : Datetime

_updateStamp : Datetime

Custom Types


name : String

status : String