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Master data package

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Object Node
Accounts Account
  Accounting code
  Bank account
  Bank details
  Chart of accounts
Business partner Business partner
  Business partner address
  Business partner email address
  Business partner address lines
  Business partner phone number
  Business partner bank details
  Business partner company name
  Business partner contact
Contact Contact
  Contact relashionship
  Contact relashionship address lines
Currency Currency
  Currency rate
Customer Customer
  Customer cash tax rules
  Customer category
  Customer invoicing elements
  Customer payment days
  Customer product
  Customer sales representative
  Customer statistical groups
Incoterm Incoterm
Journal Automatic journal
Ledger Ledger
Miscellaneous Daily capacities
  Delivery mode
  Employee ID
  Major version status
Mobile automation Mobile automation setup
Price Price structure
Print Generic print report
  Print template
Product Product
  Product category
  Product packing unit
  Product site
  Product site attribute
  Product version
Sales Sales invoicing element
  Sales representative
Ship to customer address Ship to customer address
  Ship to customer address company names
  Ship to customer address sales representative
Stock management Stock management rules
Supplier Supplier
  Supplier category
  Supplier product
Tax Tax level
  Tax rule
Time Fiscal year
  Time table schema
  Unavailable periods
  Unavailable start end date
  Weekly structure
Work center Work center
  Work center group