Frequently asked questions

Open beta

What is the purpose of the REST API open beta?

The open beta allows developers to explore and test our REST API before its official release and it allows the Sage Intacct team to gather valuable feedback to ensure a better experience for our users.

How can I access documentation for the REST API during open beta?

Sage Intacct provides comprehensive documentation on our REST API developer documentation portal, which includes:

  • A Quick start that explains how to authenticate with the API, send test requests, and build an efficient client application.
  • API reference pages that provide detailed information about the services and objects available with the REST API.

Is there any cost associated with using the API during open beta?

To access the Sage Intacct REST API, you must have a web services developer subscription. Please contact your account manager for more information.

What support is available for developers during open beta?

For support during open beta, post your questions to the Sage Intacct Developers REST Open Beta Feedback forum. Developer Experience product managers will closely monitor this forum and address all questions posted.

Can I use the REST API in a production environment during open beta?

No, during open beta you will only be allowed to connect to non-production companies as there may be revisions to the API based on user feedback.

How long will open beta last?

The duration of open beta will be communicated on the Sage Intacct Developer portal. We plan to gather and respond to feedback before proceeding with the official release of the REST API.

Are there any limitations or restrictions during open beta?

Check the REST API documentation for any specific limitations. We encourage you to report any issues encountered to help us improve the API.

How can I provide feedback about the REST API documentation during open beta?

The REST API documentation includes a Feedback tab on each page. You can use this tab to report any issues, omissions, or other feedback regarding the documentation.