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Sage 200 Standard 2023 R2 | Documentation | Web Amendability release!

Published   14 August 2023     Less than to read

We are excited to announce the release of Sage 200 Standard 2023 R2, along with a new home for Sage 200 documentation for the API and Web Amendability features.

New Features

  • Home for Sage 200 API documentation, including a new API Reference.
  • Improved onboarding to the Sage 200 API through our new getting started guide.
  • Numerous guides on working with and setting up the Sage 200 API.
  • A new set of documentation for the new Web Portal Amendability features.
  • Getting started section for Web Portal customisations.
  • Web Portal Component Library.
  • Worked examples with walkthroughs.
  • A new Sage 200 UKI forum on the Developer Community.

We are looking forward to getting your feedback and impressions on the new documentation, community and features, and look forward to seeing what you can do!