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Trusted and proven. Our AI services help you to make better business decisions, and these are just the start.

Document Split

Save time and split bulky documents down into individual parts ready for further processing by other services.

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Document Extraction

Use AI to remove manual data entry. Document Extraction reads documents and extracts the data for review.

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Quickly categorize bank transactions, expense types, or make carbon footprint classifications with Auto-classification.

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Why Sage Ai

We’re a trusted and experienced provider of AI solutions. We’ve deployed services used by tens of thousands of customers, helping them make faster, smarter decisions. Find out more about why you should integrate with our services.

Save time and focus on what’s important

Our services can be tailored to focus on the key pain points. In accounts payable, we’ve cut processing time in half through a superior AI-powered solution.

Be more productive than ever before

Our services apply the power of AI to double productivity by reducing manual data entry. Freeing up time to spend on activities that really add value.

Real-time reporting for faster, smarter decisions

By providing up-to-date data in accounting systems, we facilitate faster decision-making for businesses, giving them greater transparency and real-time insight.

Accelerate your growth

Access valuable services, expertise and support that’s developed over years of delivering customer value in Sage products.

Scalability as you grow

Our APIs scale as your business grows. Supporting new functionality, increased data volumes and ensuring robust and adaptable applications.

Give yourself the edge

Get ahead of the competition by leveraging our APIs. Create innovative applications, offer enhanced services and improve customer experiences.

Customer testimonials

Automation has doubled if not tripled productivity. With the time the team is saving they are also able to add more value and intelligence to their coding and dimensions work enabling more effective management reporting and insight.

Sarah Janowicz, Sage Intacct customer

I complete my invoices about 50% faster! It gives me more time to focus on some of the other little things.

Michelle Pyle Janowicz,
Sage Intacct customer

It means I can spent my time more wisely running the business.

Chris Williams,
SBCA customer

The AI saves me from typing all the details, so I can focus on getting more important things done.

Julie Walton,
SBCA customer

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