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Build integrated software solutions with a flexible, intuitive, tailored business solution for your industry.

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Using File Import/Export

Features and functionality include support for common file formats, data translation and scheduled automation.

Developing with Web Services

Our SOAP Web Services enable you to develop a dynamic, seamless integration with other applications and data sources.


A simple to use, secure and highly functional service to build real-time responsive application integrations.

Data Integration API

REST API provides a simple and secure means of storing and sharing files to control the sequential exchange of data at defined intervals.

What's new


  1. GraphQL API’s across all Sage X3 deployment options!

    Explore the how-to-guide for using GraphQL API’s for our multi-tenant cloud, cloud-hosted or on-premise deployments. Available here.

  2. GraphQL API are now live : 60 queries and 8 mutations for multi-tenant cloud

    Version 2021 R2 makes the first GraphQL framework and APIs available. These focused on distribution scenarios and give you and your developers the ability to read Sage X3 data and with the mutations to also create and modify data. Coming soon: Availability across all deployment options and loads of new APIs and mutations.

  3. Multi-tenant cloud Sandbox & full API Tracking for the Data Integration API

    Multi-tenant cloud Sandbox

    Now available for purchase a lightweight Sage X3 multi-tenant cloud sandbox to support the needs of Sage’s X3 developer community.

    Full API Tracking for the Data Integration API

    Also with 2021 R1 you can now use the Data Integration API in your Sage X3 multi-tenant cloud deployments with full API Tracking.


  1. 300 templates available with Data Integration API for multi-tenant cloud

    With 2020 R4 you can now use the Data Integration API in your Sage X3 multi-tenant cloud deployments to ensure secure file sharing. Giving your customers the ability to import and export data, to and from Sage X3 using any of the 300 standard templates. Adding to your multi-tenant cloud deployments in line with the latest security best practices.


  1. Explore and interact with the new X3 GraphQL API

    API New Year folks!

    We’re so excited… 2019 sees the much anticipated launch of our GraphQL API, and if you’d like to see it in action now, try the live demo. Read more about our GraphQL API.


  1. Import/Export of Products Now Available

    Looking to integrate product information with Sage X3?

    Our newly expanded import/export guide can help with that. Whether you want to exchange data though web services or via files, the Get started page will direct you to the information you need to, well, get started.

  2. Coming soon : How to import and export Products

    We will soon be expanding our import/export content to include working with Products.

    Watch for changes on the Get started page that will lead to the latest additions to our compendium.

  3. Welcome to the Sage Business Cloud!

    As part of our dedication to providing a first-class ecosystem, we are rolling out the first step in a continuing journey of supplying the information and tools needed to get developers up and running quickly.