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Making an API request

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Make a request

To make an API call, you need to direct your HTTP request to the relevant endpoint. Your request must include the required headers and body parameters where applicable.

Your request may also include any relevant URL query parameters.


You must direct your request to the relevant endpoint with the required HTTP verb. For example, to get a list of contacts for an Accounting Canada user, you would make an HTTP GET request to

More information about each endpoint and the optional / required body parameters is available in the resource specific documentation accessible from the menu on the left.

Required Headers

Every API request you make must include the following headers:

Authorization Bearer The Access Token
ocp-apim-subscription-key Your developer subscription ID
X-Site The resource_owner_id. This is supplied along with the access token during authentication.
Content-Type Always set to ‘application/json’

Example header

Authorization: Bearer 3a5cfe7c90a78276e247c73da7bf120fc5283693
Content-Type: application/json
ocp-apim-subscription-key: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
X-Site: ffRteb5wuy34wtsvghgGFreE7624Gvgh


The following limitations are currently applied:

  • Rate limit of 200 calls in any 60 second period (per Accounting business)
  • Maximum 100MB in any 60 minute period (per Accounting business)