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Sage Business Cloud Accounting API v3.1 is now in beta!

Published   1 October 2018     Less than to read

We’re very excited to announce the beta availability of the latest version of the Sage Business Cloud Accounting API. With this version we’ve launched a range of new features that make it quicker and easier to harness the power of Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

The API has been relaunched on a brand new platform, providing a broad range of under the hood improvements. The new platform simplifies the task of integrating with Sage Business Cloud Accounting by introducing a unified URL structure and removing the requirement to access different country data via different URLs. This substantially simplifies the task of building global products on top of Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

We’ve listened to and worked closely with developers throughout the creation of v3.1 API. One thing that we were told loud and clear is that getting started with the API was too complex and time consuming. So we’ve focused on solving this problem and have committed to enabling developers to access Accounting data via the API within 5 minutes of starting work. You can see exactly how to do that here.

Making developers’ lives easier and taking a standards based approach has also been a focus of the new platform. We’ve simplified and standardised the authentication flow enabling most OAuth libraries to work out of the box. Custom HTTP headers have been removed from all API calls - again standardising and reducing the need for customisation, allowing tools and libraries to work without modification.

The change we are most excited about is our new developer portal. This provides a unified developer experience across Sage Business Cloud and underlines how important partners and developers are to Sage. A brand new set of documentation is now available on the portal, this will be continually improved to provide more depth and detail than ever before. This is just the start, we’re going to be building on this to highlight how you can get the most out of the power that the Sage Business Cloud Accounting API provides.

API v3.1 will be the launchpad for a huge amount of exciting innovation. We’re thrilled to announce a dedicated reporting API will be arriving in 2019, something we’ve had a lot of requests for. We’ll be providing new tools to make developing and debugging quicker, easier and more fun. Alongside this we have some very exciting and innovative features in the works, that we hope the Accounting developer community will love.

To get started with v3.1 API take a look at our guide.