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New Features

Published   10 July 2019     Less than to read

The Accounting API now supports querying deleted attachments and outdated tax rates. Also, it has new attributes for GST and PST tax rates in Canada and the accounting type of the business.

  • You can now use a deleted_since filter on the attachments endpoint, which will return the IDs of all attachments that were deleted since the specified time. Note: you cannot use a date prior to June 12th, 2019 for this filter. Otherwise, a 400 Invalid Request HTTP error is returned.
  • There is a new filter include_historical_data on the tax rate endpoint. When passed with a value of true, then outdated (historical) tax rates are returned as well. This new filter can not be combined with the date filter.
  • 🇨🇦 Line items of invoices, quotes, credit notes and payments have two new attribtues gst_amount and pst_amount, which refer to Canadian GST and PST tax amounts.
  • Financial settings have a new field accounting_type, which reflect the accounting type of the business. It holds the values of either accrual or cash_based.