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The New Reporting API: Test Endpoint for Trial Balances

Published   1 November 2019     Less than to read

We are pleased to announce the first element of the new Reporting API, or at least a sneak preview of it. Under /test/trial_balance, you can try out first hand how we will expose trial balances in the very near future. This is live now so you can start coding against it right away!

GET /test/trial_balance?from_date=2019-10-01&to_date=2019-10-31

This will return static data of a sample trial balance:

  "from_date": "2019-10-01",
  "to_date": "2019-10-31",
  "ledger_accounts": [
      "id": "8912b74ef19c11e9a10a0242ac160007",
      "displayed_as": "Trade Debtors (1100)",
      "$path": "/ledger_accounts/8912b74ef19c11e9a10a0242ac160007",
      "opening_balance": {
        "debit": "0",
        "credit": "0"
      "closing_balance": {
        "debit": "444.00",
        "credit": "0"
      "debit": "444.00",
      "credit": "0"
    # ...

In the first quarter of 2020, when the final, real-data version of the trial balance endpoint is released, you will only have to remove the /test part of the request URI to access the real data of the calling business.

GET /trial_balance?from_date=2019-11-01&to_date=2019-11-30

Please be aware that we will turn off this test endpoint 8 weeks after the release of the final endpoint.

Edit (2019-11-19)

An earlier version of this post mentioned December 2019 as the time when the final version of this endpoint will become available. Unfortunately this will not be the case, as it’s delayed to the first quarter of 2020. We apologize if this affects your planning.