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Trial Balance Now Available

Published   20 May 2020     Less than to read

After an extensive and successful beta phase the new trial balance API endpoint is at your service.

It’s easy to use with a call like the following:

GET /trial_balance?from_date=2020-05-01&to_date=2020-05-31

This will return the trial balance of the authorized business:

  "from_date": "2020-05-01",
  "to_date": "2020-05-31",
  "ledger_accounts": [
      "id": "8912b74ef19c11e9a10a0242ac160007",
      "displayed_as": "Trade Debtors (1100)",
      "$path": "/ledger_accounts/8912b74ef19c11e9a10a0242ac160007",
      "opening_balance": {
        "debit": "444.00",
        "credit": "0"
      "closing_balance": {
        "debit": "777.00",
        "credit": "0"
      "debit": "333.00",
      "credit": "0"
    # ...

This endpoint is a read-only resource. It became available for all supported countries of this API and in all subscribed product flavors of the end user: Accounting Start, Accounting Standard and Accounting Plus.

Even though the trial balance is aggregated asynchronously in a separate, highly optimized database, actions which have an effect on the reporting data should be reflected there within very few seconds.

Check out the new Reporting API Documentation.