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Additional query parameter available for Canadian Tax Rates

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Sage Business Cloud Accounting recently introduced support for Canadian Partially Recoverable Input Tax Credits (ITCs) or Input Tax Refunds (ITRs). To support this we needed to make a change to the way we return tax_rates. Prior to supporting partially recoverable tax, a GET request to the ‘tax_rates’ endpoint would return a filtered list containing only Tax Rates for the provinces the business is registered to collect taxes in.

To ensure full support of Partially Recoverable Tax, we needed to make all Tax Rates available for purchase transactions. This now means, a GET request to the ‘tax_rates’ endpoint returns all of the Canadian Tax Rates.

We’ve realised this isn’t the most efficient experience for users and now provide an optional ‘usage query parameter’. The usage parameter allows a sales or purchase string value to be set which in turn filters the response for Tax Rates applicable to sales transactions or those applicable to purchase transactions.

We’ve updated the ‘tax_rates’ GET request with the addition of a new query parameter for Canadian businesses.