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Overview of search actions

The search actions available in the Sage Business Cloud Accounting Zapier application are intended for use with the other actions and events available. The functionality of each search takes a generic name or reference belonging to the data and returns the id used in the Sage Business Cloud Accounting database which is required for a creation or update event.

For example, you could create a zap to take data from one app and use the data to create a New Sales Invoice in Sage Business Cloud Accounting. To create the Sales Invoice a Business Name is required, this business name is the contact_id of the customer the sales invoice is intended for. The Find Customer search action can be used to take the custom business name or reference to return the first contact matching the search value provided.

The most reliable method of ensuring the correct data is retuned is to use a reference field value. The reference of any contact record in Sage Business Cloud Accounting is unique and will return the correct id rather than the first id that was returned from searching a generic name. For example if there were two contacts with the name of John Smith, the first contact in the data with that name would be returned.

If the two different John Smith customers have a reference value, and the reference value was used in place of the name, an exact match would be returned.

Using a search result to populate a field

Using the above sales invoice example we can use the result of the search to populate the required Business Name of the sales invoice. Using the custom field selector, select the id returned by the Find Customer in Sage Accounting search.

Using a failed search to create data

The search action is also capable of invoking a different action if the search returns false. In the above example the search was attempting to return the details of a contact from a specific name or ideally a unique reference.

In the event that the contact could not be found, zapier provides the option to call another action. In this example this could be the creation of a customer contact as the contact id is a required field for the New Sales Invoice and must exist prior to the creation of the sales invoice.