Contact information

The Developer Services team is UK based and support is available via email Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Support is not available on UK public holidays or weekends.

Please contact the team via the following email address: [email protected]

When contacting developer services, you should include all the information in the checklist.


You must perform your own troubleshooting prior to emailing us to establish if the issue is data, program or environment specific. It is essential that you let us know of any fault finding/problem solving processes you have carried out so far (refer to the troubleshooting section for further information).

When you contact Developer Support, please provide the following information where relevant:

Escalation process

One of the most critical aspects of raising an incident is to understand the impact that “non-resolution” of that incident would have on you or your customer - we refer to this as Business Impact.

Without this it is impossible to prioritise the importance of the incident and subsequently the urgency that should be applied. Within any organisation prioritisation of work is essential, so this should be a fundamental part of your conversation on initial contact with your customer.

For the same reasons above this is a mandatory requirement when contacting the Developer Services team.

Below are a number of questions to help determine a business impact and therefore the severity, these are not exhaustive however.

For cases that aren’t defects

Should you have concerns about the progress of an outstanding case, in the first instance contact the owner of the case to discuss the matter further. Please ensure you have the case reference available. You will then be directed to the appropriate person dealing with this case.

If you are unhappy with the response you receive from the support team, please contact us and the team manager will investigate your concerns.

For cases that are defects

Not every defect can be fixed and may represent significant risk to our customers and to the product to resolve them.

In order for us to escalate a defect for resolution, details of the business impact are required to ensure that they are prioritised correctly.

The defect will then undergo a review by our R&D teams to assess if & how we can rectify the issue and where possible we’ll add it to our next product release.

Developer Portal ideas

Your opportunity to shape the future of Sage Accounting API.

If you believe the functionality of the API can be enhanced or if you have a request for a new feature, you can submit your idea here.

You should also use the search functionality within the Ideas Hub to ensure your idea has not been logged by another user prior to submitting your idea. In this case, you should add your vote to this idea instead.

All ideas are considered for inclusion in future releases based upon customer demand, along with timescales required to develop, implement and test the new feature.