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Case lifecycle

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Initial contact

When your query is received by the team, this will be logged in our CRM system ready for a technician to pick this up. If this is the first time you’ve contacted us, or we’re unable to find your account, we’ll contact you by email for further information.

Please familiarise yourself with the content in our checklist to ensure you provide the required information and minimise any delays.

Case references

All new cases reported to Developer Services are logged and given a case reference number. Please use this unique case reference on all correspondence with us.


Your case will be picked up by one of the team in the order they were received unless the4 case is escalated for any reason.

The case will be reviewed by the technician and if further information is required, the technician will contact you by email.

If we have enough information to investigate, we’ll contact you once the cause of your case has been determined. If you need assistance at any time during the life of the case, please contact the owner of your case.

Case closure

A case will be closed in the following circumstances:

  • Mutual agreement between yourself and the Developer Services technician that a resolution has been reached.
  • The problem is outside the scope of Developer Services, but this will be explained to you.
  • The case is closed at your request.
  • Investigation of a case identifies that the software or API is working as designed.
  • Where we have not received contact from you or a response to any communications.
  • If the investigation reveals a defect we will close the ticket and raise a case with the development team.