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Sage CRM 2022 R1 has been released

Published   28 January 2022     Less than to read

Search specific entity using RESTful API

In the RESTful API supplied with this release, a new optional entity parameter is available for the Search entities using Quick Find endpoint. You can use the entity parameter to narrow down your Quick Find search to a single entity.

The entity parameter supports the same standard and custom entities as Quick Find, it can take one of the following values:

  • Company
  • Person
  • Opportunity
  • Lead
  • Communication
  • Orders
  • Quotes
  • Cases
  • Solutions
  • Library
  • Custom entity name

The parameter values are case sensitive, enter them exactly as shown above. When specifying a custom entity name, enter it exactly as it appears in the Sage CRM user interface.

To see how the entity parameter works, you can use the Sage CRM 2022 R1 Postman collection. It contains a sample request showing how to search companies.

To use the request, import the collection and environment files into Postman, expand the RESTful API endponts (formerly SData) folder in the collection and use the Search companies using Quick Find request.

Example request
curl --request GET '$service/quickFind/getResults?query=eurolandia&SID=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&entity=Company'

This request searches for companies (entity=Company) whose single-line text, email address, or URL field contains the word eurolandia (query=eurolandia). The SID parameter contains the session ID of the Sage CRM user who sends the request.