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Get definitions of supported file formats

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To get the definitions of the bank payment file formats Payments Out Service can generate for a particular country, send a GET request with the following headers.


GET /v3/fileformats?country={country} HTTP/1.1
X-Application: {app name}
x-fapi-interaction-id: {UUID}


  • {country} is the country for which you want to get the definitions of supported file formats. Specify the country using the ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 format. For example: AU.

  • {app name} is the name of an app supported by Payments Out Service in the format accepted by Payments Out Service. For example: sage.intacct.

  • {UUID} is a Universally Unique Identifier to write into logs. This value is used to debug your app’s integration with Payments Out Service. Use a new UUID with each request. UUIDs must conform to RFC 4122.

For more information about this REST resource and its parameters, go to the Consumer API reference.


The $.data.specification.rules element in the JSON response provides rules that define how your batch of payments must be formatted in order Payments Out Service could generate a bank payment file.

The $.data.specification.rules.sourceValidation element provides elements that allow you to implement a custom user interface enabling users to manually enter information about their payments.

For the descriptions of JSON elements in the response, go to the Retrieve all bank payment file formats section in the Consumer API.

Example response

Take a look at an example response for the file formats for Australia.