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Retrieve subscription details

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To retrieve the status and other information of a subscription to a Payments Out Service provider, send a GET request with these headers:


GET /v3/subscriptions/{subscriptionId} HTTP/1.1
x-application: {app name}
x-fapi-interaction-id: {UUID}
x-api-key: {api key}
Authorization: Bearer {access token}


  • {app name} is the name of an application supported by Payments Out Service, in an acceptable format. For example, sage.intacct.

  • {api key} is the API key for the Consumer API.

  • {UUID} is a Universally Unique Identifier to write into logs. This value is used to debug your application’s integration with Payments Out Service. Use a new UUID in each request. UUIDs must conform to RFC 4122.

  • Bearer {access token} is the authorisation string for your request, where {access token} is a valid token created using the companyId of the company you want to submit a batch of payments for.

For more information about this REST resource and its parameters, go to the Consumer API reference.


The $.data.subscriptionId element in the JSON response denotes the unique subscriptionId.

The $.data.organisationId element in the JSON response denotes the organisationId that this subscription belongs to.

The $.data.providerId element in the JSON response denotes the providerId that this subscription relates to.

The $.data.status element in the JSON response denotes the current status of this subscription. When a subscription is created, Service Fabric sends it to the provider with a status of ‘Received’. As the provider processes the subscription, it can move through these states:

  • AwaitingAuthorisation
  • Authorised
  • Cancelled
  • Rejected
  • Suspended
  • Pending

A subscription is only available to use for posting a batch of payments when it is in the state of ‘Authorised’. You will receive notifications of a change in state as the provider processes the subscription request.

The $.data.additionalData element in the JSON response details any data that included when the subscription was created.

Example response

This an example response contains details of a sample subscription.