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What is Payments Out Service?

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The Payments Out Service allows Sage customers to make payments from their Sage software. There are 2 versions of the service:

  • Creating bank payment files
  • Submitting electronic payments

Electronic payments are submitted via a supported payment provider. We send payment batches to the provider to process, or through a subscription to the provider.

What you can do with Payments Out Service

Products integrated with Payments Out Service

The following Sage products are integrated with Payments Out Service:

  • Sage Intacct – NA
  • SBCP - CA


Payments Out Service has 2 APIs, the Consumer API and the Provider API.

Payments Out Service – APIs
  • Consumer API – This lets Sage applications convert payment data to bank payment files. They can also submit payment data to make electronic payments. Our supported payment providers process payments.

  • Provider API – This allows a payment provider to retrieve and process payment data. Sage applications submit this data via the Consumer API.

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