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What is Payments Out Service?

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The Payments Out Service allows Sage customers to make payments from their Sage software. There are 2 versions of the service:

  • Creating bank payment files
  • Submitting electronic payments

Electronic payments are submitted via a supported payment provider. We send payment batches to the provider to process, or through a subscription to the provider.

What you can do with Payments Out Service

Products integrated with Payments Out Service

A range of global Sage products are integrated with Payments Out Service. These are:

  • Sage 200 – United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Sage 50 – United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Sage Intacct – Australia
  • Sage Intacct – South Africa
  • Sage Intacct – United Kingdom


Payments Out Service has 2 APIs, the Consumer API and the Provider API.

Payments Out Service – APIs
  • Consumer API – This lets Sage applications convert payment data to bank payment files. They can also submit payment data to make electronic payments. Our supported payment providers process payments.

  • Provider API – This allows a payment provider to retrieve and process payment data. Sage applications submit this data via the Consumer API.

Submit and process electronic payments

To use Payments Out Service to submit and process electronic payments you need to follow 1 of 2 workflows. The workflow you implement depends on the parameters that your application populates in the batches of payments.

Find out more about submitting and processing electronic payments.