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Property Name Type Description isWritable
_access [_OutputAccessBinding]   no
_sortValue Int   no
_customData Json   no
_sourceId String   no
_id Id   no
documentNumber String   no
documentId Int   no
document AccountsReceivableInvoice_node   no
financialSite Site_node   no
taxDate Date   no
providerSite Site_node   no
account Account_node   no
documentLineType AccountsPayableReceivableInvoiceDocumentLineType   no
lineType AccountsPayableReceivableInvoiceLineType   no
currency Currency_node   no
lineAmountExcludingTax Decimal   no
taxLineTaxAmount Decimal   no
taxDetail String   no
quantityInSalesUnit Decimal   no
description String   no
sourceDocumentNumber String   no
attributesAndDimensions AccountsReceivableInvoiceLineDimension_Collection   no
accountingStagingLines AccountsReceivableInvoiceLineStaging_Collection   no
taxes AccountsReceivableInvoiceLineTax_Collection   no
uiTaxes Json   no
storedDimensions Json   no
storedAttributes Json   no
intacctDocumentLine IntacctAccountsReceivableInvoiceLine_node   no
_etag String   no
taxableAmount Decimal   no
taxAmount Decimal   no
exemptAmount Decimal   no
taxAmountAdjusted Decimal   no
lineAmountIncludingTax Decimal   no
netPriceIncludingTax Decimal   no
_constructor String   no
_createStamp Datetime   no
_updateStamp Datetime   no

Custom Queries

asyncExport : AccountsReceivableInvoiceLine_Connection_asyncExport

Custom Mutations

asyncExport : AccountsReceivableInvoiceLine_Mutations_asyncExport