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Property Name Type Description isWritable
_access [_OutputAccessBinding]   no
_customData Json   no
_sourceId String   no
_id Id   no
batchId String   no
documentNumber String   no
documentSysId Int   no
documentType FinanceDocumentType   no
targetDocumentType TargetDocumentType   no
targetDocumentNumber String   no
targetDocumentSysId Int   no
sourceDocumentLink String   no
sourceDocumentType SourceDocumentType   no
sourceDocumentNumber String   no
sourceDocumentSysId Int   no
status FinanceIntegrationStatus   no
financeIntegrationApp FinanceIntegrationApp   no
financeIntegrationAppRecordId String   no
financeIntegrationAppUrl String   no
message String   no
lastStatusUpdate Datetime   no
lines FinanceTransactionLine_Collection   no
_etag String   no
postingStatus PostingStatus   no
_createStamp Datetime   no
_updateStamp Datetime   no

Custom Queries

getPostingStatusData : [FinanceTransactionGetPostingStatusDataReturn]

Property Type Description
documentNumber String  

asyncExport : FinanceTransaction_Connection_asyncExport

Custom Mutations

asyncExport : FinanceTransaction_Mutations_asyncExport

Custom Type


Query Type Description
_id Id  
documentType TargetDocumentType  
documentNumber String  
documentSysId Int  
status PostingStatus  
message String  
hasFinanceIntegrationApp Boolean  
financeIntegrationApp FinanceIntegrationApp  
financeIntegrationAppRecordId String  
financeIntegrationAppUrl String  
externalLink Boolean