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Property Name Type Description isWritable
_access [_OutputAccessBinding]   no
_customData Json   yes
_sourceId String   yes
_id Id   yes
application ThirdPartyApplication_node   yes
nodeFactory MetaNodeFactory_node   yes
synchronizationDirection SynchronizationDirection   yes
thirdPartyObjectName String   yes
isActive Boolean   yes
canDelete Boolean   yes
canCreate Boolean   yes
canUpdate Boolean   yes
notificationId String   yes
mappedPropertyNames [String]   no
id String   yes
intacctDescription String   yes
isSmartEvent Boolean   yes
isPrivateShow Boolean   yes
relationMapping Json   yes
editableFields [String]   yes
additionnalLink Json   no
intacctFilter String   no
specificFields MapProperty_Collection   yes
lines MapLine_Collection   yes
_etag String   yes
_constructor String   yes
_createStamp Datetime   no
_updateStamp Datetime   no

Custom Queries

getDuplicate : IntacctMap

Property Type Description
_id Id  

getObject : IntacctMapGetObjectReturn

Property Type Description
object String  
docparid String  
isUpdate Boolean  

getIntacctTransactionsList : [IntacctMapGetIntacctTransactionsListReturn]

Property Type Description
filter String  

getDataIntacct : [IntacctMapGetDataIntacctReturn]

Property Type Description
name String  
transaction String  
maxData IntOrString  
filters # IntacctMapGetDataIntacctFilters_Input  

updateCustomMapping : IntacctMap_Connection_updateCustomMapping

xtreemMassCreationJob : IntacctMap_Connection_xtreemMassCreationJob

intacctMassCreationJob : IntacctMap_Connection_intacctMassCreationJob

asyncExport : IntacctMap_Connection_asyncExport

Custom Mutations

bulkUpdate : Boolean

Mutation Type Description
filter String  
data IntacctMap_Input  

writeStructure : Boolean

Mutation Type Description
object String  
docparid String  

getStructure : String

Mutation Type Description
content String  

deleteXtrem : [IntacctMapDeleteXtremReturn]

Mutation Type Description
intacctName String  
intacctIdValue String  
xtremSysId String  

createUpdateAllIntacct : String

Mutation Type Description
intacctName String  

getIntacctUrl : String

Mutation Type Description
_id Id  
nodeName String  

updateCustomMapping : IntacctMap_Mutations_updateCustomMapping

xtreemMassCreationJob : IntacctMap_Mutations_xtreemMassCreationJob

intacctMassCreationJob : IntacctMap_Mutations_intacctMassCreationJob

asyncExport : IntacctMap_Mutations_asyncExport

Custom Type



Query Type Description
name String  
documentType String  
xtremObject String  
fields [IntacctMapGetObjectReturnFields]_node  
relationshipFields [IntacctMapGetObjectReturnRelationshipFields]_node  
relationships [IntacctMapGetObjectReturnRelationships]_node  


Query Type Description
name String  
object String  



Query Type Description
id String  
name String  
description String  
whenModified Datetime  
whenCreated Datetime  
megaEntityId String  
isLinked Boolean  
xtremSysId String  
url String  
xtremID String  
xtremName String  
xtremDescription String  
integrationStatus String  


Query Type Description
message String  
path String  
severity String