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Property Name Type Description isWritable
_access [_OutputAccessBinding]   no
_customData Json   yes
_sourceId String   yes
_id Id   yes
id String   yes
isActive Boolean   yes
name String   yes
primaryExternalReference String   yes
secondaryExternalReference String   yes
taxCategory TaxCategory_node   yes
country Country_node   yes
isReverseCharge Boolean   yes
jurisdictionName String   yes
legalMention String   yes
taxValues TaxValue_Collection   yes
isUsed Boolean   no
postingClass PostingClass_node   yes
isIntacct Boolean   yes
intacctId String   yes
recordNo Int   yes
statusIntacct String   no
intacctTaxType String   yes
intacctAccount String   yes
isIntacctReverseCharge Boolean   yes
rate Decimal   yes
intacctSecondaryExternalReference Tax_node   yes
intacctSolutionId String   yes
serviceFabricId String   yes
_etag String   yes
legislation Legislation_node   yes
_createStamp Datetime   no
_updateStamp Datetime   no

Custom Queries

getDuplicate : Tax

Property Type Description
_id Id  

getTaxValues : TaxGetTaxValuesReturn

Property Type Description
tax IntReference  
taxDate Date  

calculateTax : TaxCalculateTaxReturn

Property Type Description
tax IntReference  
taxDate Date  
amount Decimal  

asyncExport : Tax_Connection_asyncExport

Custom Mutations

bulkUpdate : Boolean

Mutation Type Description
filter String  
data Tax_Input  

createFromServiceFabric : Boolean

Mutation Type Description
serviceFabricId # String  
legislationID String  

asyncExport : Tax_Mutations_asyncExport

Custom Type




Query Type Description
rate Decimal  
deductibleRate Decimal  
isReverseCharge Boolean  



Query Type Description
rate Decimal  
taxAmount Decimal  


Query Type Description
_id Id  
xtreemCategory String  
xtreemName String  
xtreemLeg String  
isLinked Boolean  
sfName String  
sfId String