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Creating an OAuth2 Client

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For examples of other providers, see our online help center inside X3.


To set up OAuth2 with a Google account, you need:

  1. The URL of your X3 solution. For example,
  2. A Google account to administer the service. This can be created from this link.
  3. A name for your OAuth2 service. It must start with a letter (A-Z or a-z), followed with any combination of letters (A-Z or a-z), digits, or underscores. In the following example, the name “Google” is used.

Creating a Client ID

  1. Go to and create a project.

    Create project

    Create project 2

  2. Enter the name of the project you want to create and click Create.

    New project

  3. Go to the Credentials tab and click Create credentials.


  4. Select OAuth client ID.

    OAuth client ID

  5. Click Configure consent screen if it is the first time you are creating credentials.

    Configure consent screen

  6. Enter a Product Name and save your changes.

    Product Name

  7. Select Web Application.
    • Enter a Name.
    • In Authorized JavaScript origins, enter the URL to your X3 solution.
    • In Authorized redirect URLs, enter the redirection URL for the region in which your solution is hosted.
      • For solutions in North America, use
      • For others, use
      • Note the use of “Google” in the path. It must match the name of the OAuth2 service in X3 exactly (case-sensitive).

    Web application

  8. Click Create.

    You will be given a client ID and a client secret.

    Client keys

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