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Sage 300 (Global)

Sage 300 (Global)

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Sage 300 is a cloud-connected Business Management Solution (BMS) that helps small and medium-sized organizations grow revenuereduce costs, and increase profitability.  It enables companies to manage complex business processes with core functionality that includes finance & accounting, inventory & operations, purchasing & vendor management, order entry, project & job costing, and business intelligence.

Sage 300 helps small and medium-sized companies manage their entire business across geographies without the cost or complexity of traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Whether a customer is doing business in one or several locations, in the same city or across internal borders, Sage 300 helps them manage finances, operations and inventory in multiple languages and currencies with real-time mobile access and visibility across the entire company to keep their business on track.

Sage has an extensive network of third-party solution providers whose add-on solutions extend Sage 300 ever further to meet the specialized needs of a growing business.

Guides & Tutorials

These tutorials aim to help you get up and running quickly by covering key concepts like registering your app and authenticating for the first time.

We recommend starting with our Getting Started with Sage Partner Cloud guide first to get you up and running in no time (OK, let’s say 5 minutes!).

Getting Started