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Brexit and the Accounting API

Published   29 August 2019     Less than to read

As the likelihood of Brexit lingers over the United Kingdom and the countries of the European Union, come 31st October (or later), deal or no deal, it will mean legislative changes that will affect how businesses do their accounting.

At Sage, we are working hard to prepare our products for any scenario. Some of these changes will involve the API, at least to some degree. There will likely be breaking changes for clients connecting to the Sage Accounting API with UK businesses around the area of sales invoicing. It is our goal to keep these changes to a minimum for you as a user of the API.

Please keep in mind that breaking changes may be implemented in the API. We will inform you about these changes within a short timeframe and will contact you via email with further details very soon. We also suggest you reserve some time to get your Accounting API client application ready for Brexit before the end of October. Thank you for your understanding.