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Updated API Sample Applications

Published   12 September 2019     Less than to read

HURRAH!! The API sample applications have been updated to API v3.1 and got a lot of improvements, too. 🥳🎉🎊

The Application with the most significant changes is the .NET sample application. This is a complete rewrite to bring the latest technologies to the developers. Here are the changes in detail:

  • This application uses the new design template.
  • It uses a completely new technology stack e.g. .NET Core and ASP.NET Core
  • The application can now run standalone or in a Docker environment as well.
  • The OAuth component now uses an official library from Microsoft.
  • Access- and the refresh-token are stored in a JSON file, this might be useful for testing and playing around with our API.

Also, the PHP sample application has been updated.

  • Like the .NET application, it also uses the new design template.
  • It got a proper exception handling in the field of OAuth process and network connections.

So be excited, more improvements are in the pipeline.