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New Features

Published   6 December 2019     Less than to read

We are continuously striving to make our API easier to use, by both enriching the information of individual endpoints and also enhancing the documentation on this site. It makes us happy to share the fruits of these efforts with you:

  • The /business_settings endpoint has a new attribute: business_created_at. Observing this attribute allows the client to detect the event of a business data reset. We are thinking of further actions that will make it easier to automatically handle such events. Those will be announced in this blog, so stay tuned!

  • To be better aligned with the frontend behaviour, users with restricted access are no longer able to modify catalog items: products, services, stock items and the prices/rates of those.

  • The documentation of sales prices and rates on products, services and stock items was incorrect.

  • New attribute total_in_transaction_currency on the transaction resource, which shows the total amount in the currency of the origin of the transaction.

  • New attribute import on purchase invoices and purchase credit notes. Indicates whether import rules are applied to the artefact. Only used for UK and IE accounting businesses, where the supplier is flagged as importer.

  • New query parameter expand_origin when requesting a single transaction with GET /transactions/{id}?expand_origin=true. When it is passed on the transaction of a sales or purchase artefact, the nested origin object contains more details:

  "id": "2b5ffbbb6e01401287a233fb8c411518",
  "displayed_as": "SREF1",
  "$path": "/transactions/2b5ffbbb6e01401287a233fb8c411518",
  // ...
  "origin": {
    "id": "aa27230c07e2458a886c8af580b67cbb",
    "displayed_as": "OB-SREF2",
    "$path": "/sales_quick_entries/aa27230c07e2458a886c8af580b67cbb",
    "links": [
        "href": null,
        "rel": "alternate",
        "type": "text/html"
    "due_date": "2019-11-09",
    "outstanding_amount": "100.0",
    "currency": {
      "id": "EUR",
      "displayed_as": "Euro (EUR)",
      "$path": "/currencies/EUR"
    "status": {
      "id": "UNPAID",
      "displayed_as": "Unpaid",
      "$path": "/artefact_statuses/UNPAID"
  // ...
  • The /contacts endpoint has a new optional query parameter named context_date. The parameter has no effect at the time of this writing, but will become very helpful in the event of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. When this happens, the values in tax_treatment will differ depending on the context_date, if it’s before or after the time of Brexit.