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Our use of cookies

  Less than to read

We would like to use Google Analytics which collects information about how you use our website.
This helps us to understand your experience and make things better.
The information collected does not directly identify you.

You can read more about cookies in the the Sage privacy notice and cookie policy.

There are two other types of cookies used by this site that are necessary:

  • Functional cookies
    Use of this site will store small amounts of non-identfiable information to allow the site to provide continuity between pages.
    Things like how far you scrolled down a page, and which menu items you had opened.
    This information is never sent anywhere, it remains on your computer.
    This information is deleted when you close your browser.
    It is kept in your browsers sessionStorage.

  • Preference cookies
    We need to save your decision on whether you’ll allow cookies.
    You can change your decisions at any time.
    We will ask you again in 90 days.