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Notifications Service

Published   23 February 2023     Less than to read

For a consuming application to receive Banking Service notifications, it needs to subscribe to the Notification Service through their API. Consuming applications will receive the notification as a webhook at an endpoint defined in the subscription request. For testing purposes you can use as the endpoint. A single webhook can contain multiple events, when events are triggered concurrently.


Note: Use Authentication Service to create an organisation, company and obtain a JWT token. You cannot use Banking Service POST organisation.


To receive webhooks from Notification Service, a consuming application needs to have the applicationId ‘registered’ with the service. This can be done by contacting the Smart Transactions team, and they will run a script to enable your application.

Notification Service subscription

You can find an example flow in Banking Service’s shared Postman collection in the Banking Service Consumer API folder.

Subscription flow

  1. Create organisation (Authentication Service)
  2. Create a company (Authentication Service)
  3. Create a JWT token for this company (Authentication Service)
  4. Create a subscription for this company (Notification Service)

BankAccountCreated notification

When you’ve created a subscription to the Banking Service, the ‘bankAccountCreated’ event can be triggered. Thisocc urs when a user follows the usual bank feeds onboarding flow through the consumer API. When a bank account has been posted, the event will be sent to Notification Service for consumption.

An optional query parameter can be included while calling the /indirectlinkaccount endpoint, for example: /indirectlinkaccount?bankid=somebankid&e2e=someidentiferhere. The end-to-end parameter allows clients to provide an identifier which offers identification for that particular onboarding. This is then included in the details posted to Datamesh.

Webhook fields

  • Source: This should match the source value in your subscribe post. Environment values [prod01/dev01/pre01/snd01] for example, bnkc-.
  • Type: The type of webhook, currently only ‘bankAccountCreated’ is available.
  • Subject: This will be the end-to-end parameter you have provided. In any other events other then bankAccountCreated this will be bankAccountId.
  • ResourceType: Currently only bankAccountCreated available.
  • NetworkId: applicationId and subject.


    "Id": "00e93fca-c57b-61f5-489e-bd1e8fd62543",
    "Source": "bnkc-dev03",
    "SpecVersion": "1.0",
    "Type": "bankAccountCreated",
    "Subject": "a2ec48d7-7271-49aa-9115-d3335f5c3bfd",
    "DataContentType": "application/json",
    "Data": {
        "TraceParent": "00-914841aac850ddf67e255c596b06a779-461dd5628b459dda-00",
        "SubscriptionId": "9ce0c1da-ae8c-4484-ade7-eee790a882d7",
        "NetworkId": "sage.sbc.accounts+a2ec48d7-7271-49aa-9115-d3335f5c3bfd",
        "ResourceType": "bankAccountCreated",
        "ExpirationDateTime": null,
        "ServiceAttributes": {
            "CompanyId": "5ea56bc8-073b-4893-8066-485042c6a6da"

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