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What is Sage Banking Service?

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Banking Service (“Sage Bank Feeds”) (formerly known as Banking Cloud) is a global platform that integrates directly with banks and bank aggregators (such as Yodlee and Plaid) to enable the Sage accounting product portfolio to be kept updated and reconciled with the transactions in our customers’ bank accounts.

Banking Service Overview

Banking Service can provide a user with reliable, timely and accurate transaction information from all relevant banks and credit card providers, reducing time spent manually entering data. It can provide a user with the ability to track cash flow real time and streamline bank reconciliation by effectively reconciling your bank every day, giving much more confidence that bank accounts are in order at the end of the month.


Bank Feeds Bank Rules

Banking Service coverage

Transactions are obtained via direct feeds from the banking/financial institution or, when a direct feed is not available, a third party aggregator.

We have been steadily increasing the number direct feeds offered to our customers.

Who is this for?

Direct bank feeds will target three distinct audiences:

  • Accountancy practices who are managing the accounts on behalf of sole traders and small businesses.
  • Sole traders and small business owners who manage the accounts themselves.
  • Finance departments of small and medium businesses with more complex needs and a large number of bank account and credit cards.

Why it’s essential for customers

Increased Accuracy

The automatic reconciliation process reduces the risk for human errors.

Saves Time

Eliminating the process of manually entering each transaction to reconcile bank statements.

Easy to Use

With only a few steps required to start and automatically reconcile after that, bank reconciliation can be done with just a few clicks every time.

Improved Workflow

Eliminating manual data entry, the need for an accountant to reconcile bank records and automating the bank reconciliation process with just a few clicks, the customer has a streamlined workflow.