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Provider requirements

Published   6 July 2023     Less than to read

For a successful integration with the Banking Service API, you need to review the following requirements, and commit to them.

Get set up

What you need to provide us

Before the development phase, we need your connector API endpoints to add to our database. These endpoints let the Banking Service send and recieve information from your solution. Learn more about the Connector API.

The endpoints we need are:

  • /auth – for generating UI to authenticate a customer account.
  • /authrefresh – for generating UI to reauthenticate a customer.
  • /notification – for receiving calls when events occur on Banking Service (or Provider API) that need the provider’s attention.
  • /availableaccounts – multi-account linking is an optional feature that uses this endpoint. It’s adopted by some Sage products to let users onboard multiple accounts at 1 time.

We explain how to implement these endpoints in Stage 3: Integrate.

At this stage, we only need the URLs added to our sandbox database, so you can begin development and testing. You can change the URLs at any time.

Resources we will provide to you

After applying your interest using the form below, you’ll receive these resources:

  • Your sandbox credentials (Client ID, Client Secret and API Key).
  • A provider-specific Postman environment. This contains your client credentials and keys to allow you run the Postman collections. You can find out more about this in Stage 3: Integrate.
  • Communication channels established for support.