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Bank rules product demo

Published   13 March 2023     Less than to read

The following guide documents how Sage Business Cloud Accounting have exposed the Banking Service bank rules functionality to their users.


Note: This experience will differ across Sage products. This is an example of how bank rules is achieved in a product.

1. Rule management area

Sage Business Cloud Accounting offers a bank rules management area where users can create and manage their rules accross all or specific connected accounts.

Screenshot of SBCA bank rules 1.

2. Rule creation

When a user chooses to create a rule, a model is presented with an easy-to-understand creation workflow. This screen allows the user to detail a unique rule name and description, with conditions the transaction should meet and the details which should be added.

Screenshot of SBCA bank rules 2.

3. Rule management

When a rule has been created the user is directed back to the rule management area. Here they can view all the current rules being applied to transactions on all or individual Banking Service accounts.

Screenshot of SBCA bank rules 3.

4. Import rules

The user can choose to import rules from a file. This is useful if they are setting up a new product and want to export and transfer previous rules to their new solution.

Screenshot of SBCA bank rules 4.

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